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Our 12 month policy offers peace of mind if your pet has an accident or injury.

  • Our Time-Limited policy offers cover for any illness or injury for a maximum period of 12 months. (Once this time limit is reached any conditions claimed for or diagnosed during the policy year will be excluded from any further policy years).
  • The policy offers £3,000 worth of cover per incident for 12 months.
  • This policy is ideal if a pet has an accident or injury or to help with the initial costs of treatment for illness.
  • Also included within the policy are physiotherapy and behavioural treatment when carried out by your veterinary practice.
  • In the event your dog causes an accident or damage to property, the policy includes Third Party Liability.

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Cover4Life offers a good level of lifetime cover at a very affordable price. Plus it’s ideal if you take your pet on holiday.

  • The policy covers Veterinary Fees of up to £4,000 per year.
  • This is a lifetime policy offering cover for long term and ongoing conditions (provided the policy is renewed annually without a break in cover and the premiums are paid up to date).
  • The Cover4Life policy offers a range of benefits including Complementary Treatment, Boarding Fees if you have to spend more than 4 days in hospital and Advertising and Reward costs if your pet should go missing.
  • Plus, up to 45 days veterinary fees cover abroad per policy year, providing the treatment is within the pet passport countries.

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Cover4Life Premium

With excellent benefits and high levels of cover, this policy offers everything you need from a pet insurance policy.

  • Our most comprehensive policy offering £12,000 of Veterinary Fees per year.
  • This top level lifetime policy ensures your pet will have access to the very best in veterinary treatment throughout its lifetime.
  • Offering a wide range of benefits including Complementary Treatment, Theft or Straying, Death from Injury & Illness and cover if you take your pet abroad, you can be confident your pet is covered for every eventuality.

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